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Founded by Marty Isenberg, the founder of Clinton Hill Music School, Lefferts Gardens Music School brings the same high-quality of music education to the neighboring communities of Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Park, Flatbush, and East Flatbush. We provide an outlet for both children and adults to express themselves and the opportunity for them to follow their own musical curiosities. We have watched countless students overcome personal hurdles to give stirring performances in recitals and masterclasses and even go on to be accepted into competitive music programs such as LaGuardia High School, Mannes Prep Pre-college, summer programs, and even professional roles on Broadway!

Director, Marty Isenberg, has spent the better part of his life immersed in music. He attended the School for Jazz at New School University and received his master’s degree from New York University. His passion for music has taken him across the globe, playing in numerous orchestras, Broadway shows, music festivals and touring with bands.



* Private music lessons in your own home


* Fosters a sense of community of teachers, students, and their families who learn and grow together


* Raises the bar by setting high standards for our students and providing support along the way

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Now offering zoom and skype private lessons!

Clinton Hill Music School began operating as a neighborhood music studio in 2012. But as we’ve grown over the years, we’ve begun to offer both in-home lessons as well as at our studio location. We want the best of both worlds for our students. A convenient experience, as well the opportunity to be a part of a fun music community.

Due to Covid-19 concerns, we are now offering exclusively zoom and Skype Lessons

Due to the effects of Covid-19

Lefferts Gardens Music School is continuing to provide our community with music lessons via zoom. We also can provide some free music education app subscriptions to help students and their families through self-guided music activities. We will be temporarily shutting down this website’s online store, but you can still purchase lessons via our sister website www.clintonhillmusicschool.com or by emailing info@leffertsgardensmusicschool.com.

Now offering drums, voice, and cello lessons, and many more!

For many years we have offered dedicated instructors specializing in string instruments and piano. As our community grows, so does the number of instruments we offer to teach! If you don’t see the instrument you are interested in learning on our registration page, please email info@leffertsgardensmusicschool.com and we will let you know if lessons on that instrument are available.

Registration is open for our Fall 2020 Semester!

Registration is currently open and available for our fall 2020 semester at CHMS. Due to the impacts of Covid-19, all of our classes will be taught via zoom until such a time as it is safe to congregate in person again. Our student recital will be live-streamed from our Facebook page.

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